Thursday, October 9, 2008

entry numero uno

It always bugs me when people mix English pronunciated Spanish words into their vocabulary. I don't really know how to begin this so I guess I'll just start. I have an ear infection. What respectable teenager gets headlice and an ear infection in the same year?? Arn't those childrens diseases? Right now I'm balancing a microwaved old sock full of rice over my ear, they say its suppose to help. To contradict myself again, I hate the saying "they say...." who the fuck is they? Ok, it doesn't actually bug me all that much, but I once got asked out in a note that said" I should have done this sooner but they say better late than never." Or something like that. Thats when I first noticed the whole "they say" thing and everytime I hear "they say" I think of that note. Random little connection my brain makes. Some other connections I have are about Canada. It's a huge big country full off people, but at the mention of Canada I always think of my friend Matt, he lives there. Or how the show south park reminds of this boy I used to know named Justin, we watched it together once. Ok, so only once is kinda pathetic, but he was cute, ok? Bubble tea reminds me of my friend Sara. She used to be my best friend, but like all good things, it didn't last. Places and things aren't the only things that can be connectors to memorys. Songs are a good one, they never change so they can surface a memory like BAM! I'd give some examples but this is getting long and it feels like my ear is about to explode off my head, so I'm gonna go take some drugs or something.